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Type of Use
Height(s)* (tallest to shortest in feet)
Overall Density
Time Frame
Lots 31 / 31A
Residential, retail
Two buildings:
  • 90 / 65
  • 54 / 14
FAR** 2.59 - 250 development units, including 35 workforce housing units and 40,000 square feet of retail
Plans approved, plat approved, ready for building permit, parking lot closed on April 9
Two years from start of construction
Woodmont / 7200
Office, residential, retail, hotel
1,212,890 total gross square feet of development - amendment adds 54,905 square feet of office space, 53,029 square feet of retail, and a 230 room hotel to existing development
Waiting on certified site plans, record plat
Too early to determine
Air Rights - 7300 Pearl Street
Office, retail
130 / 97
FAR** 4.0 - 650,732 gross square feet

Plans approved, ready for building permit
7100 Wisconsin Avenue (Eastham’s Exxon Station)
Residential, retail
Pre-application meeting held, community meeting held, no plans submitted
Too early to determine
7399 Wisconsin Avenue (Existing Second District Police Station)
Office, residential, retail, Police Station (relocated)
174 / 143
Office: 11,750 square feet
Retail: 44,142 square feet
Residential: 537,001 square feet (575 dwelling units)
Police station: 30,000 square feet
Scheduled for the Planning Board 9/27/2012
7100 Arlington Road (Arlington Road Post Office)
Residential, retail
59 / 9
145 multi-family residential and 7,000 square feet of retail
Plans under review
Too early to determine
Bethesda Center
Hotel, office, retail
Two buildings:
  • Hotel: 143
  • Office: 122
FAR** 5.0 - 466,470 square feet
Resolutions approved by Planning Board, still need to submit site plan prior to record plat and building permit
Too early to determine
4500 East-West Highway
Office, residential, retail
FAR** 4.0 - 210,000 square feet office, 13,300 square feet retail / residential
Certified site plans approved 3/14/2012

* Building Heights - As a general rule, figure 10 feet per story. Most new construction has eight-foot-high ceilings. Add about two feet for a combination of ceiling and floor structure. In commercial buildings, the first floor is often higher. Therefore, a 65-foot-tall building would rise approximately 6 stories.

** FAR (Floor Area Ratio) - is the ratio of the total floor area of buildings on a certain location to the size of the land of that location. For example, a FAR of 2 would indicate that the total floor area of a building is two times the gross area of the site on which it is constructed.